"Split Pea Soup"

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Vegan Split Pea Soup

Recipe by Megan Olson Rating
Reviews 1 review
Vegan split pea soup is made with simple and budget-friendly vegetarian ingredients. This low calorie, easy-to-make soup is a hearty ...

Split Pea Soup with Pork Belly

Recipe by vkarlson Rating
Reviews 8 reviews
An easy and flavorful take on split pea soup. (Note: I often strain out the pieces of pork belly and ...

Split Pea Soup with Tofu

Recipe by LAURENMU Rating
Reviews 10 reviews
This thick and creamy soup is perfect to warm you up on a rainy day, and the ingredients are very ...

Split Pea Soup with Ham

Recipe by spinn710 Rating
Reviews 10 reviews
A thick and creamy pea soup that is quick and easy to put together. Peas soak overnight, and ham can ...

Curry Split Pea Soup

Recipe by Emily P. Rating
Reviews 9 reviews
We set out to make some split pea soup and thought the flavor would be improved by adding some curry ...