1. Sep 25th 2019

    These are really good. They need some extras, though. I added vegetables like written in the notes. I also added soy crumbles, which didn’t affect flavor; just nutrition and texture.

  2. Sep 23rd 2019

    I will make again. It was very good.Will use more barley next time

  3. Sep 23rd 2019

    Delicious. Made fried squash and herb and butter rice.

  4. Sep 23rd 2019

    Quick, easy & turned out good!

  5. Sep 23rd 2019

    yes I did.. in bottom of air fryer I put a sheet of foil shine side up then in the basket added some green bean s (fresh) had them in bowl with olive oil add smashed fresh garlic... next se ...

  6. Sep 19th 2019

    Change the seasoning and this would jump up to a 5 star recipe. I love pork chops fixed this way, except for the Cajun seasoning.

  7. Sep 19th 2019

    Chef John is definitely correct ... this is much better served cold. This recipe has a lot less flour than an old recipe I use for cherry clafoutis and is much more like a custard than a cak ...

  8. Sep 18th 2019

    The drink was perfect the way it was. I found no need to change it, yes I made it both ways. I’ll stick with the original thank you.

  9. Sep 18th 2019

    Made this last night to use and had my grandaughter try it cause she picky and she said she liked it a lot better than the regular barbecue sauce..Thanks

  10. Sep 15th 2019

    At first I didn't think it would be enough for dinner. I used some biscuits to fix that. It has a real nice flavor just the way it is.