1. Aug 11th 2019

    I've been picking the cucumbers from my garden and I didn't have enough to make the 2-jar serving at the time, so I stuck with one jar. I stayed with the basic recipe but didn't half it. Ins ...

  2. Aug 11th 2019

    added a bit of white wine and used chorizo instead of ham. awesome soup!

  3. Aug 10th 2019

    So FLAVORFUL!!!!!!

  4. Aug 8th 2019

    Finally a recipe without sugar. Don't know why anyone would add sugar or honey to beef jerky, but all the recipes we read call for it. This is just what we were looking for.

  5. Aug 7th 2019


  6. Aug 6th 2019

    Pretty good! I had gotten a bunch of apricots in a food share and wanted to use them. Not really an apricot fan, but gave this a shot and I am glad I did! Easy to make, and I’m thinking it ...

  7. Aug 6th 2019

    My family and friends loved it...but since I could not find the Pink Lemonade Concentrate I had to settle on the Lemonade which still came out perfect!!!

  8. Aug 4th 2019

    This is really delicious. I didn't buy heavy cream for it, but used half & half as I had it in the house. I also used lemon goat cheese as honey goat cheese was not available to me. For ...

  9. Aug 4th 2019

    I learned this recipe in a cooking class, and a few weeks later I cooked it for my family and they enjoyed it very much. It is an excellent dessert.

  10. Aug 4th 2019

    Great recipe!!! I made a few changes. I used heirloom tomatoes (makes the whole house smell sooo good). I added mushrooms, 1 TBS 1/2 TESP of Worcestershire, a large handful of fresh oreg ...