1. Dec 28th 2000

    Don't be surprised at the greasy feeling of the dough. I will chill it next time to make it a little easier to handle. I forgot to press down with a fork and justwaited for the dough ball ...

  2. Dec 27th 2000

    I don't know WHAT any of the negative reviews could possibly be about!!! I found this recipe on here about years ago and have made them EVERY year since. EVERYONE I bring them too loves t ...

  3. Dec 27th 2000

    I left out the green bell peppers and substituted green onions. It turned out GREAT!!!!

  4. Dec 27th 2000

    I used a good quality cake mix with the pudding already mixed in and it was perfect. Tips for the glazing, use chopsticks to poke holes into cake and pour glaze into empty bundt pan then re ...

  5. Dec 27th 2000

    The kids loved this when we served it as one of the dishes at our Christmas Eve brunch. It had to be the all time hit for the kids. I thinned the batter some though and it seemed to work well.

  6. Dec 27th 2000

    These were a big hit at my Christmas party. I substituted sweet italian sausage for the pork sausage, and offered a sweet mustard as a dip.

  7. Dec 27th 2000

    When I was a kid, my grandmother always made this pie and one that she called a pecan cream pie. The White Christmas pie was always my favorite. When she died, I looked, to no avail, for her ...

  8. Dec 27th 2000

    An easy recipe for one of the greatest snacks/appetizers ever. My family has made these for years. Two suggestions: 1.) Before dipping zucchini in egg mixture, coat lightly with flour. The ...

  9. Dec 27th 2000

    Need to bake a bit longer or have a higher cooking temp.

  10. Dec 27th 2000

    Chill the dough overnight and scoop with a sturdy 1tsp scoop and you can save yourself much of the mess!