1. Nov 13th 2019

    I accidentally added to much cheese (probably 2 cups). Not a good idea the cheese is over powering. 3tbs of jalapenos and I feel I should have used more. I also drained my cans of corn.

  2. Nov 13th 2019

    This is just like my mom’s recipe, except she adds a can of drained chickpeas for added flavor and texture

  3. Nov 13th 2019

    Yes,the picture shows chunks of onion.Does not look chop fine. I will make it again with fine chopped onion.

  4. Nov 13th 2019

    Completely forgot about this until I saw this recipe, so I made it like I remember from my childhood (very similar).Mom used to make this when I was younger. The only differences: She adde ...

  5. Nov 13th 2019

    Yogurt instead of mayo I'm allergic to eggs. And mayo is made of eggs in majority.

  6. Nov 13th 2019

    Tasty! Had a lot of stuffing mix left over.

  7. Nov 13th 2019

    I this turned on a delicious and easy to make dish! Love it! Will make it again!??

  8. Nov 12th 2019

    The addition of sour cream really made all the difference in this recipe. Won't make quiche without it anymore. Thanks.

  9. Nov 11th 2019

    I followed the directions but doubled the recipe. It turned out to taste & smell overwhelmingly like orange juice. So I chose one of the listed optional additions of brown sugar & apple cide ...

  10. Nov 11th 2019

    Hubby liked it. I subbed Tater Tots for the potato and put on top. Ground turkey was used and turkey broth Thickened with flour. The broth was frozen from previous meal instead of chicken soup.