1. Jul 30th 2019

    I love all things rhubarb and this was pretty tasty. My main complaint is that there wasn't enough "crisp" on it. I even doubled the crisp when I made it and still felt like it needed more ...

  2. Jul 30th 2019

    Added 1/2 cup almond flour to crumble topping.

  3. Jul 30th 2019

    I used egg noodles instead of bow-tie and instead of fresh dill I used dill weed seasoning and regular mustard instead dejon mustard. And added a tish of half and half by cutting down mayo b ...

  4. Jul 30th 2019

    Made recipe as noted, minus red bell pepper. I canned this and the recipe made 8 pints and 8 half-pints.Tonight, I served as dipping sauce with cheesy bread sticks. My husband said it was ...

  5. Jul 30th 2019

    I didn't even get a chance to take a picture everybody wanted some that means I'm going to have to make another one but this time I'm going to make it with nobody around so I can take a pict ...

  6. Jul 28th 2019

    Very good. . .

  7. Jul 28th 2019

    Made this for my mother and she loved it! It has just the right amount of mayo. I really liked it too and I don't even like peas...LOL Will make again for sure.

  8. Jul 27th 2019

    7.27.19 I mix up something similar to this all year long, but fresh thyme is a new addition for me, and I liked it. So very quick and easy to make early in the day, and then, one less thi ...

  9. Jul 26th 2019

    I used onion soup mix instead of an onion and I used tomato paste instead of ketchup.

  10. Jul 26th 2019

    This was not good for me. Way too salty.