1. Nov 11th 2019

    What is the pork rub seasoning???????

  2. Nov 10th 2019

    Very good. But definitely needs some more spices. Haven’t figured out what yet

  3. Nov 10th 2019

    I followed the directions and they came out delicious.So I will make them again for a different dessert for Thanksgiving. Thank you.

  4. Nov 10th 2019

    Pork tenderloin in cheap, so we ground our own. Ground some bacon with it, to add some fat. We loved this recipe, and will do it again. May add beer next time.

  5. Nov 10th 2019

    I followed the Instructions to the letter and it was fantastic, I gotta make this again.

  6. Nov 9th 2019

    Flavor was excellent.... but I'm not a fan of beef stew meat because no matter what it seems chewy or tough.I prefer using beef shank which I will use in the future when I make this.

  7. Nov 8th 2019

    I put these on a baking mat...big mistake, the next time I'll put them on a baking rack..that way they will get crispy all over.

  8. Nov 7th 2019

    The pie was very good. The filling did bubble over some, so I would put a baking pan or something under it just in case.

  9. Nov 6th 2019

    11.6.19 I scaled this recipe down to 6 servings, and it was cooked in 3-1/2 hours using the slow cooker function on high on my Instant Pot®. Followed the recipe to the letter with the ex ...

  10. Nov 5th 2019

    Was very good, used cod, and topped with a few seared scallops, was very tasty and easy. Will make again.