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Tiramisu Toast

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Chef John's tiramisu toast provides the classic dessert flavor in an individual-sized portion that's quick and easy to prepare.
Chef John grills fresh swordfish steaks and tops them off with a spicy homemade white hot sauce in this easy, ...

Scottish Cock-a-Leekie Soup

Reviews 8 reviews
Chef John's version of Scottish cock-a-leekie soup uses a secret ingredient (prunes!) in the broth that add beautiful color and ...

Buffalo Chicken Dutch Babies

Reviews 5 reviews
Everybody's favorite savory pancake has been combined with Buffalo chicken in Chef John's easy and fun appetizer. This new party ...

Red Pozole

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Rich, succulent, fatty pork combines with sweet white corn hominy in red pozole, an incredibly comforting, classic, cold weather dish ...
Learn two methods of frying that produce moist, flavorful, boneless, skinless chicken with a super-thin coating that’s incredibly crispy and ...

Mini Lobster Pot Pies

Reviews 4 reviews
Good things come in small packages! And while maybe not authentic because they’re made with puff pastry instead of pie ...
A melty ham and cheese filling with savory pesto, tangy mustard, and sweet cranberries adds interest and taste to this ...

Cheese Twist Christmas Tree

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Wow the guests at your next holiday party with this delicious, pull-apart Christmas tree appetizer. The combination of crispy, buttery, ...