Best Mojito Recipe - Cuban Mojito

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We went in search of the best mojito in the world and we found it. You are not going to find a mojito like this at a bar. It takes too ...

Authentic Cuban Mojito

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Travel to Cuba with this Classic Cuban Mojito Cocktail As restrictions have been lifted between the US and Cuba celebrate withnbsp

Classic Cuban Mojito

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Classic Cuban Mojito Recipe bull 2 parts white rum bull frac12 fresh lime bull 10 fresh mint leaves bull 2 tbs sugar bull soda water bull ice cubed andnbsp

Cuba039s Mojito 3 Ways

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Cubas mojito is arguably the worlds most popular cocktail and with good reason its simple refreshing and delicious Here wenbsp

Mojito My best Recipe

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As with most Cocktails the true history of the Mojito is shrouded in mystery By some accounts it was first developed in the 1500snbsp