Making an Award-Winning Martini Shaken is a lie

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Brian and Jason learn the truth behind "shaken not stirred," and then get some help to make Esquire's favorite martini. Recipe ...

Dirty Gin Martini Tipsy Bartender

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Gin Dry Vermouth and Olive Brine is all you need to achieve the Dirty Gin Martini HERES THE RECIPEnbsp

Dirty Martini Just naughty enough

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How to make a cocktail and salty snack at the same time Please subscribe as YouTube has put adverts on my video but I getnbsp

How to make a Great Martini Masterclass

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Everything you need to know to make a great martini and sorry Mr Bond I prefer it stirred There are so many versions of Thenbsp

How to Make THE BEST Dirty Martini FAST

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Sometimes only a Dirty Martini will hit the savoury spot and when the mood hits you want to whip one up quick 60ml 2 oznbsp