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I am very happy to show you my take on what I'm told is Morocco's most popular soup – and once you taste it you'll understand ...

How to make an authentic Moroccan Harira

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Harira is more than just a soup For most Moroccans it is centre of the Iftar Breaking fast table It has almost a cult status and itnbsp

Moroccan Harira Recipe

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Harira is one of the most typical and famous soups in Morocco Its a lentil chickpea and tomato soup thats tasty Like recipes likenbsp

One Pot Meal Moroccan Chicken Soup Harira

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If youre a fan of the hearty minestrone then you will also love this Harira is a Moroccan soup typically made with lamb or chickennbsp

Vegan Moroccan Harira VEGETABLE SOUP

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Published 9 March 2022 I hope you try this delicious and healthy vegetable soup You will prepare lunch or dinner in no time